Week beginning 26th September, 2021



Please remember that your free will offering helps us serve God in our local community.  Your contributions can be collected.  Contact Betty.



To help us understand Christ’s use of parables…

A ‘parable’ is an illustrative story, by which a familiar idea is cast beside an unfamiliar idea in such a way that the comparison helps people to better understand and grasp the unfamiliar idea.  The word ‘parable’ comes from the Greek word (parabolee), para means besides, and ballo means to cast or throw. 

The parables that Jesus told were part of his gospel; therefore, they are parables for all peoples throughout all nations and throughout all time.

Access via Zoom will is available for those unable to attend in person. If you are new to our worship centre and plan to attend, please ring the church number listed in the phone book or in Telstra Whitepages.

We have re-commenced covid-safe morning teas. 

BIBLE READINGS: Sunday 3rd October (HC):   Exodus 2: 23-25; 3:1-15; 4:10-17

Our Congregation Members are invited to bring non-perishable items on this and other Holy Communion Sundays in support of our Uniting programme - Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

Conversation Group (Third Tuesday of the month)Following a video, an unstructured conversation will be initiated which encourages those in attendance to share their ideas on the topic discussed.  NEXT GATHERING: 19th October.

Connect Group: Wednesday, 29th September - 3 p.m. for a 3.30 start. We will be beginning a new study "Unwrapping Joy" by Rev. Benji Callen.  From October, we will continue meeting on the second and fourth Wednesdays.

Scone, Cuppa and Chat -The Worship Centre -10 a.m, Friday,  (tba) October 2021.

UCAF meeting at the Worship Centre 7:30 pm Monday, 27th September - guest speaker

Sunday Lunch - 12 noon on 10th October at the Elimatta. Please put your name on the list at the door of the Worship Centre if you plan to attend.

Visit and Morning Tea - 10 a.m. Tuesday, 12th October. We have been invited by the Devonport C3 Congregation for a tour of our former Worship Centre.

Afghanistan Emergency Appeal through 'Act for Peace' - donations can be made online or placed in a marked envelope in the offering bowl.

Learning Opportunities

- Worship and Preaching Workshops:  CTM based on Lay Preacher units - Sept/Oct, flyer attached.  

Useful for lay leaders who would like a refresher, are just starting to lead often, who might like to know what’s involved, 



  • Peace with creation, with each other and in our global community. May those who are damaged by war and trauma know welcome, healing and justice.
  • For the people of Afghanistan and the Afghan community in Australia who seek peace, security and a safety future.
  • Those engaged in acts of care and compassion for the most vulnerable in our community right now.
  • Rev. Mark Kickett, the national Interim Chair of UAICC and all our Congress leaders engaged in ministry, growing in faith and leadership and working for justice and healing.
  • For the people of Haiti as they face the enormous task of rebuilding their lives and their country.
  • Those among us who are struggling with health issues.
  • For the blossoming of new and innovative ministry and mission ideas.
  • For the people of the recently closed Wesley Faith Community, Hobart, as they mourn the past and connect with other congregations.
  • For the members of Presbytery who had to deal with the difficult decisions that have lead to the closure of the Wesley Faith Community.
  • For Rev. Fee and Rev. Susan and all those who lead worship in our Cradle Coast Cluster.
  • For the Roman Catholic Church Plenary Council - for God's wisdom and openness. 

Beryl's Recycled Cards - One of our enterprising ladies, Beryl, supplies a range of attractive recycled cards for a variety of occasions. These cards are available  for only $2.00 each. All proceeds are donated to worthy causes. Please see Beryl after the service if you need cards. Beryl would like to thank everyone for continues support. (And we would like to thank Beryl for her wonderful effort.)

 Great news - the Cabbage Basket is back.