Week beginning Sunday 18th April 2021 - Easter 3   

Lunch 25th April -   Café Squire, East Devonport at 12.30pm.  (corner of Wright and Murray Streets – old Gingerbread house.)  Everyone is invited, and please indicate on the list at the door. Or ring Betty K. by Wednesday this week.


Please remember that your free will offering helps us serve God in our local community.  Your contributions can be collected.  Contact Betty.



To help us understand Christ’s use of parables…

A ‘parable’ is an illustrative story, by which a familiar idea is cast beside an unfamiliar idea in such a way that the comparison helps people to better understand and grasp the unfamiliar idea.  The word ‘parable’ comes from the Greek word (parabolee), para means besides, and ballo means to cast or throw. 

The parables that Jesus told were part of his gospel; therefore, they are parables for all peoples throughout all nations and throughout all time.

Access via Zoom will is available for those unable to attend in person. If you are new to our worship centre and plan to attend, please ring the church number listed in the phone book or in Telstra Whitepages.

We have re-commenced covid-safe morning teas and fellowship lunches.  Each month will have a morning tea and a lunch.   

Bible Readings for Sunday, 25th April, 2021 - Easter 4 

Acts 4:5-12; Ps 23; 1Jn3:16-24; Jn10:11-18

Third Tuesday Discussion Group - Following a video, an unstructured conversation will be initiated which encourages those in attendance to share their ideas on the topic discussed.  NEXT GATHERING: 20th April 2021

Connect Group:  Wednesday 28th April at the Worship Centre.  After this it will meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.  3 for 3:30 start

Church Council:  No meeting in April. Next meeting: Thursday 13th May at 10:45 at the Worship Centre.

UCAF (Evening Group)- Monday, 26th April at 7.30 p.m. at the Worship Centre.  Rev. Matt Currow speaking

Please pray for 



    • Communities facing devastation after Cyclone Seroja struck the Mid West region of WA.
    • Our Muslim friends beginning the month of Ramadan this week, we pray it is a time of blessings and drawing closer to God. 
    • For creative thinking in our Church to boldly meet the challenges of the future and for openness to the inspiration of the Spirit. 
    • All those people who suffered abuse in our church and for justice for survivors and their families, friends and communities. 
    • Continue to pray for Rev Susan Malthouse-Law, her husband Daniel and their son Elijah as they prepare to leave family and friends to relocate and minister to the Cradle Coast Churches, and beyond.
    • We continue to pray for Rev Fee, Rev Matt Curnow and all those who lead worship.
  • The 16th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, the members of the Assembly, those involved in preparations, for the decisions that will be made and for the future of the Uniting Church.
  • people in Timor Leste and Indonesia devastated by flash floods and landslides, and also an earthquake in Indonesia; for our church partners who have been badly affected.
  • For us and our communities to know the hope, courage, love and joy inspired by the presence of the risen Christ.

Living God, we ask for Easter grace to let go of all that gets in the way of abundant, Easter living. May we not cling on to anything that we imagine will keep us safe: money; home; family; religion; even life itself. May we let go in order to find; give without thought of receiving; die in order to rise to newness of life. Amen.

  • SHARE is the welfare arm of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania. Anyone is able to donate to the work of SHARE at anytime during the year. This year SHARE has distributed $192,000 in grants in the Tasmanian Presbytery. This figure is comprised of $50,000 for Emergency Relief, $30,000 for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, $50,000 for Mission Critical - Volunteer Co-ordination, $50,000 for North West Pregnant and Young Parent Support and $12,000 for Parents on the Inside.

Sammy Stamp - don't forget to save your stamps. Please remember to leave the stamps attached to paper and trim the stamps leaving a 1-2cm surround to enable adequate trimming. Up to and including 01/11/18, sales have reached about $41,342.00. Grants amounting to $46,700 have been approved to Australian and overseas projects.

Beryl's Recycled Cards - One of our enterprising ladies, Beryl, supplies a range of attractive recycled cards for a variety of occasions. These cards are available  for only $2.00 each. All proceeds are donated to worthy causes. Please see Beryl if you need cards. 


Total until March 2019 -                                                 $2155.00

May - UC Share Appeal -                                               $ 100.00

August 2019 - Uniting Share Appeal -                            $ 210.00

October 2019 - Grandparents Raising Grandchildren -   $ 100.00

November - Uniting Share - fires in NSW -                     $ 100.00

December 2019 - Christmas Bowl -                               $ 100.00

January, 2020 - Bushfire Emergency -                           $ 100.00

March - Rent Donations - Welfare -                               $ 100.00

July - Frontier Services -                                               $ 100.00

The updated total, as of September 2020 -               $3065.00 

Beryl would like to thank everyone for continues support. (And we would like to thank Beryl for her wonderful effort.)

The Cabbage Basket - donations are given to Act for Peace' which is under the auspices of National Council of Churches. Thanks to all who support the basket, either by donating goods and/or purchasing them. $463.96 was raised in the six months from August 2019 to February 2020.

Please note - the Cabbage Basket is currently unavailable because of the COVID-19 restrictions.