1 - Devonport Uniting Church : The  beginnings - the original Methodist Church (right) - and new Methodist Church 1932              


2 - Devonport Uniting Church : A photo taken in 2014.














3 - The Devonport Uniting Church and hall 2014. 












The Methodists (now Uniting Church) were the first to conduct any type of services in the Mersey district. Lay preachers ministered to early small settlements at Tarleton coal mines and at Cockers Creek, Spreyton in the 1850s and 1860s. The first Sunday Schools were also conducted there. The Methodists struggled for many years before they were able to obtain their own premises.

The original Methodist church was built in Devonport in 1889 on the land where the current hall complex is. The present church building was opened on March 12th 1932 and the previous church was used as a Sunday School. All this land was donated to the church by Basil Archer and Robert Stewart. The total cost of the church was £3,462. The stained glass windows were put in place at a cost of 8 shillings and six pence per square foot. The interior was completed with the installation of the Fincham pipe organ in 1938. In 1958 the old church building was demolished and the present hall was erected in its place.

(This actual article was re-published in the Devonport City News in The Advocate in February 1996.)

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