Points to Ponder          


How I regret with coming of old age,

Not so much years so quickly passed

As children born and to adulthood aged.

Their children too growing fast,

A changing world we leave to them

    with heavy heart unasked.


This world of ours, a changing time of hurt and climes

With flood or fire, famine and drought,

Each country around the world cries out

    with hope for better times.

Families abandoned by another greed,

Their plight left to others to find their need.


My heart cries out for song and dance of happy times.

Feet tap without a thought or skip along the street.

Let us take the hand of those in need,

Let them find their feet

    in a land of carefree souls and free,

And with compassion meet.


Let their courage then take hold

To compromise, learn, teach ways anew

that all can live side by side,

Grow old in joy and know

We can change, in time and few by few,

    this world of ours now set askew.


Anonymous October 2018