Points to Ponder         
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1. Everlasting light, Counselor, Alpha and Omega, Bread of Life, Son of God, Saviour, Jesus, the Anointed One, I am, The Prince of Peace.    Praise God for the gift of Jesus - who was...and is...and is to come!


2. Peace - May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you throughout the year.


3. O Holy Night - Praying you enjoy the goodness of God through the gift of Jesus in every moment of this beautiful season.


4. Jesus our gift from God - May Jesus be your focus this Christmas. Have a wonderful time of celebration and a fantastic New Year!


5. His love is as gentle as freshly fallen snow. His joy is as lovely as winter's glow. His peace is the quiet place our hearts can glow.


6. Have a blessed Christmas and may peace and joy bring good will to you throughout the coming year. (Jean)


7. What do we need for Christmas

   Would you believe, it's that time of year

   When we gather together for Christmas cheer

   First there are the gifts, and then the fare

   Then needs of others for whom we care.


   What is it that we all really need?

   A change of heart, and love that will grow

   And plenty of patience to others show

   Kindness and love that will overflow.


   That would make Christmas a special day

   Remember the words that Jesus said

   To follow His footsteps all the way

   Then those gifts would continue each day.

   Pastor V. J. Beaumont 2019 (by permission).



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