About us

We are a congregation of The Uniting Church in Australia and the Cradle Coast Cluster, North West Tasmania.

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Covid safe practices are encouraged at our Worship Centre.


At times, our services are led by Worship Teams.


Our Resource Minister is:-

     Rev. Fiona Morrison     

The resource minister provides materials, support and supervision to the teams.  Rev Fiona Morrison also leads Worship regularly in our congregation.


The Narrative Lectionary is used in our Worship Services.



We are committed to our vision and mission statement preamble.

We the people of Devonport Uniting Church are a cloth being woven in love by God, over many years.

Each thread is unique and ever changing as we reflect on stories of faith, both ancient and modern.

The cloth is constantly changing, also, through the welcome introduction of threads of different colours and textures.

Our cloth is to be used to wipe the brow of those in distress, and to warm and comfort those in need, and, importantly, to bring colour and beauty into the lives of the people of Devonport.

We value faith development, community involvement, the honouring of diversity in our cultural setting and service to God in various ways.



Devonport Uniting Church people have the opportunity to be involved in: 


     Bible Studies at various times


     Discussion Groups:

        -  3 Logues -

             3 retired ministers meet with interested others, to discuss various theological and societal issues. 

                   (second Tuesday of the month.)

        -  Ted talk discussion group. 

             This group watches a 20-minute Ted video and then discusses the

             issues raised in the talk.

                   (third Tuesday of the month)


     Fellowship Groups:

       -   Evening Fellowship for ladies. 

             Guest speakers, social activities and some fundraising occur in these meetings.

        -   Men's social group

        -   A Friday cafe.  

             This group meets for a drink/morning tea and if you wish a byo lunch. 

             It will begin again after January 2023. 

             You may choose to play a board game, chat with others and listen or join in a group discussion topic.

             This group is a safe place to bring friends who are non-church attendees.


     Supporting First Peoples: 

           Links are being made with the Six Rivers local First Peoples Group as well as Leprena in

              Hobart and The National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders.


    Supporting LGBTIQA + Ministry:  

              One of our Resource Ministers is involved in this ministry.   



We welcome All people to Worship with us.


Supporting Projects recommended by The Uniting Church of Australia.



Our congregation aims to meet the needs of all ages.

Children have the opportunity to join in Worship or take part in appropriate learning activities during the service.